Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Princess Is Getting Married

LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA.  This Saturday our daughter is getting married.  That is a BIG deal for us as I can imagine it is for any family when one of your children is getting married.

She and her John have just about everything already set up and ready to go.  So the normal thing of the family of the bride doing it all is not happening for us, as much as it normally would that is.  Tradition is that if any speeches need to be made they are given by the Best Man and the Maid of Honor.  So Dad does not even have to prepare a speech.  There are other things that Dad needs to do though.

Aside from most of the details going just fine, things do still happen, the unexpected that is.  They always do no matter how well you plan and take care of it all ahead of time.  So I have taken the week off from work.  Part of that is the annual vacation time.  I do need to get away from the job.  But primarily this week it is all about just being there for our Princess to take care of whatever happens to pop up.

Each morning this week will begin with writing something.  That is me. I write all the time even though you may not see that here in the world of blogs.  So I thought that this week I would focus a bit more on the blogs and share that writing about this week with you all.  I know I will do the same thing for our son AJ when he gets married.  But this week is her week, for our Princess and the love of her love John.

There will be something in each of the three blogs that I write.  So, expect something a little different in each one because each blog has a separate personality so to speak.  But the words will be focused on one thing, a wonderful wedding that is going to happen this Saturday, August 6th 2011 at 3 PM in a seventeenth century church northwest of Philadelphia, that kind of old church that has doors on the pews if you have ever seen one.

Old School Baptist Meeting House, Southampton, PA
(The above photo taken by ALW)

Pray for us please and give thanks.  We have been praying for this event for a long time and finally it is here and it is a wonderful, wonderful blessing from our Lord.


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